Security Asia
25 - 2 7 September 2018
at Karachi ExpoCenter, Pakistan
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Terrorist Activities

Terrorist activities are increasing in many parts of the world. Global peace and national harmony are threatened. New terrorist groups are being formed and funded. Keeping in view these developments, counter terrorism and internal security strategies need to be revised and strengthened.

Pakistan is a major importer of security & safety products. As a result, the sector has witnessed an increase in imports of US$1.85 billion in the previous year. This shows the viability of this sector in Pakistan, The demand of security & safety products is still growing

Security Summit

Keeping in view the importance of this factor, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan has organized a Security Summit with theme on ‘Emerging Challenges & Threats and their Solutions’ will be held concurrently with Security Asia Exhibition. This summit will bring together leading experts and specialists in the fields of Counter Terrorism, Internal Security, Civil Defence and other related departments.

Aim of the summit

The aim of the summit is to bring together the experts from Government and other related departments to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise to discuss how national counter terrorism policies, perspectives and strategies can stay ahead of the increasingly sophisticated threats and identify potential threats that Governments and security professionals are facing today.